How He started

MysticMike started his streaming career in April of 2018 by mistake. By Mistake you ask? Yes, the first time he ever streamed he hit the broadcast feature not knowing what it did. This was to allow his son to watch him play a game of NHL 18.

MysticMike was talking to his son, when he noticed a random comment in the top right corner. He was a little shocked .Stopping the broadcast, and looked into what it could be, and discovered Mixer. Never looking back!





I stream Weekly starting at 7pm pst / 8pm mst / 10pm est. Be sure to follow on twitter for weekly schedule, or changes. I also release content weekly on youtube for Tri-North Studios and CannadaBros.

I stream a wide variety of games. I enjoy anything that can make me feel a part of the game. My content is rated 18+ due to the nature of Cannabis use during filming.



MysticMike is Currently a partnered streamer with Facebook Gaming and  a Former Partnered streamer with Mixer as of November 2018. He is married with one amazing Son and 2 Daughters along with 4 dogs as seen on stream or on his social media. He served 10 years with the Canadian Forces, 7 in the Army with the PPCLI, and 3 as a firefighter in the Air Force.
He attended college twice before joining the forces. MysticMike obtained a diploma in Computer Programming, and Business Administration. He is doing online courses and networking all the time.
MysticMike also is trying to bring more awareness to the Stigma surrounding PTSD. Everyday 22 soldiers commit suicide, the majority being male.
Let’s #BreakTheStigma that men have to be strong. It is strong to admit you are weak and seek help. Together we can break this stigma! PRO PATRIA