About Me

How I started

I started my streaming career in April of 2018 by mistake. By Mistake you ask? Yes, the first time I ever streamed I hit the broadcast feature on the Xbox One X to allow my son to watch me play a game of NHL 18. Suddenly as him and I are in party chat talking, I notice random comments appearing in the top right corner, I was surprised and little shocked. I Stopped the broadcast, and looked into what it could be, and discovered Mixer.

 I have not looked back since!


My Streaming

I stream daily, my schedule is posted on twitter every Sunday. I do sometimes stream weekends, but make it a habit to keep that for spending time with my family.

I stream a wide variety of games. I am most known for my Minecraft Monday streams. I tend to keep my stream very family friendly. My goal is to have an all welcoming space that I would feel comfortable with my own children watching


 I am a Partnered streamer with Mixer as of November 2018. I am happily married with one amazing Son, and Daughter! We have 4 dogs which can been seen when I stream or on my social media. I served 10 years with the Canadian Forces, 7 in the Army with the PPCLI, and 3 as a fire fighter in the Air Force.

I attended college twice before joining the forces, where I attained a diploma in Computer Programming, and Business Administration.

When I am not streaming, I am continually doing online courses and networking.