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Streamers Edition

SMART Goal Setting - A is for Attainable
S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting

Hello and welcome to the third installment in the Streamers Edition of S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting! In today’s post we will be covering the A in SMART! The Attainable part of your goal.

When we say attainable we are talking about the attainability of your goal. what you have to determine here is whether or not the goal is really acceptable for you. Ask yourself how much effort, time and money can you put into attaining your goal. Does reaching this goal have priorities over your other daily obligations?

If you have neither time, money no the effort to put in to attaining your goal, you will with out a doubt fail.

Now this does not mean you cannot plan out your goals. For example a goal of most streamers is to make partner on their platform. Now when first starting out the reality of this being attainable is dependable upon the Time, Money and Effort you have to put into it. This is where setting small attainable goals comes in.

For example to apply for partnership on the Mixer platform you have to have at least 2000 followers. So, what one would do is set out a goal plan of say reaching smaller follower goals. For example when starting out I had my follower goals at 50 follower intervals, once I hit 1000, I adjust to set goal at 100 followers. Now my first 50 follower goal was for 3 weeks, I missed it by 2 days, but was able to hit my next 50 followers within 1 week. Remember as you reach these micro goals they are getting you one step closer to your overall goal of partnership.

In Closing

Now when setting your goals make sure you are Specific of what you want, has a Measurable outcome, and is Attainable within your means of Time, Effort and Money to put in!

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I hope you enjoyed part three of the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Streamers Edition! We will be back for Part four R is for Relevant!



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