Fire Within

The Coals Have Been Stoked!

The  embers never actually go out, the fire within them lay dormant, waiting, for the slightest gust of wind. Something to push it, something to get the fire going again! And once those coals are re-lit, it will slowly begin to grow, or quickly, the choice is how much wind, or of a push it gets. Every log thrown on to it may feel like a weight, and burden to have to now engulf these added foes. But, just like the embers within the coals, these burdens will soon become absorbed and defeated!



#BehindTheBS - MepTech

Having just finished an episode of Behind The BS with the amazing MepTech, I found those embers within my, I don’t know what you would call it, gut, belly, soul, whatever you call it. However, they are being stocked! I am excited for what is to come! I am happy with where I am, who I’ve met, and who I will meet. This is not a race for me. But, It is a journey! and I want to see where it will take me and you!

Feeling now as if to be rambling on. However, I just needed to write down my feelings! I’m hope you were able to take away from this, that I am back! Ready, and willing to kick ass, take names and have lunch! Nothing will be able to put this fire out! It is here to burn til I am ready to quench it, and let it lay in embers!


Peace and Love



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