Never Stop Learning!

Never  Stop Learning

So I decided It was time to start adding to my resume and learning some new skills. I have done quite a few courses to date on social media, and podcasting etc etc.

But I decided now I would like to take on the adobe suite. I am starting with Photoshop, well actually no, first I did a short course on the fundamentals of Typography.


However, it was very informative. Do you know what kearn is, or Descender, or Ascenders..

Neither did I. I do now.

But after that, I am now diving into some Photoshop essentials and advanced stuff. So far I have learned about the Subject select option which, wow, I was able to make these fun images so far using it.

Twitter Header

and also

I know nothing crazy, but in the past if I tried changing the background and selecting myself freehand, oh my. Now, these images took next to no time for me to make.

So, no matter how old you are, or how much you think you may know. It is never too late to learn something new, or improve on what you know.

I personally love a lot of the courses and prices that has to offer.

Leave and comments or questions below.

Peace and Love


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