PAXSouth 2020 – Friends, Family, Fun!

#PAXSouth 2020 - Friends, Family, Fun!

This was my first time attending PAXSouth, and visiting the state of Texas! While it did not start off great, it ended up being a trip I will always remember! From meeting long time online friends, reuniting with friends met at past cons, and meeting new people, it will be a trip I will always cherish!


I was lucky enough to have my wife and baby girl attend PAXSouth with me, and I am so happy they both did! Little Ariya was a trooper, and owned the show for me! She helped out at the Mixer Ask-A-Partner desk, met so many people and put smiles on everyone's face.

A Cold Start

Our trip started out somewhat frustrating, as first our flight was delayed due to cold (-43c), plane had to deice! When we landed in L.A., they did not have us on the list for the connecting flight, was soon fixed but was a little bit of a fright. Then when we finally made it to Austin, well, our luggage was not there! Turns out it was on its way to Atlanta?! I mean why not right?

I basically missed the entire first day of the PAXSouth, due to having to drive back to Austin to get our bags, but made it for the last hour and was able to hang out with UglyRugger, and Unstopablevirus, which made it all worthwhile!


3 Amigos

1lb, plus good company!

Once the weekend started, it was a blur! Was lucky to attend a luncheon with ReadySetSean from Streamloots, and as fellow Mixer Partner. Where I was able to share a meal with some old friends and new ones!

Managed to eat a 1lb burrito, well most of it, not as young as I once was to eat that much! In the words of Murtaugh I'm too old for that..stuff..yes we will say stuff.

But in the end, was more about the company, ideas, and plans made that made the lunch perfect!

Streamloots Dinner

Food With New Friends

After the events of the weekend, my wife, daughter and I were able to stay a few extra days to explore and take in the sights! We were able to have some amazing BBQ, meet more great locals, and just overall had a great trip!

We ended the week with a dinner with two amazing people that I cannot wait to see again at the next con, or PAXSouth2021! They are a couple stream on Twitch, check them out they are amazing, friendly and great company!

Also the pulled pork they made was just to die for! For those who don't know who I am talking about, it is trainertol and MrsTolryn. Check them out please!

Closing Thoughts

For anyone who has not attended a con before, I highly recommend it! Not only is it a great chance to meet devs, sponsors and others in the field. It is a great place to meet like minded folks, and form a bond like no other!

Sadly, we will not be attending PAXEast2020, due to it being so close to South. But, you will def catch us at E3, and PAXWest2020!

To see some photos we took of out trip be sure to check out the PAXSouth2020 album in Photos!

Peace and Love




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