S.M.A.[R].T Goal Setting – Relevant


Streamers Edition

Streamers Edition – R is for Relevant

Hello and welcome to the forth installment in the Streamers Edition of S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting! In today’s post we will be covering the R in SMART! The Relevant part of your goal

When we say relevant we are talking about how this goal is relevant to what you wish to attain! What is your end objective behind the goal, and will this goal help achieve it?

With saying this, meeting you goal does not always mean that is not your objective, however each goal should get your close to a bigger goal!

For example, keeping with the partnership goal of most streamers, your end objective is to make partner. Setting smaller smart goals will help you achieve this. Now how you go about setting these goals, and achieving them is up to you. If you are lacking certain skills, or content abilities, you can plan training, or seek help from your favorite streamer.

Networking should be a relevant goal of yours to help achieve your end game objective. Now with this goal, you could set smaller goals within it as well. Try to reach out to 5 new people a week, create a connection, and friend, and life long member of your community.

Now when setting your goals make sure you are Specific of what you want, has a Measurable outcome, Attainable within your means of Time, Effort and Money to put in, and Relevant to your end game objective!

Tweet me what YOU would set as a more specific goal using #MysticMikeLive #MysticSMART, and in the next blog I will feature the best answers with a shout out to your twitter!

In Closing

I hope you enjoyed part three of the S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting, Streamers Edition! We will be back for Part five T is for Timely!

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