S.M.A.R.[T]. Goal Setting – Timely


Streamers Edition

Streamers Edition T is for Timely

Hello and welcome to the final installment in the Streamers Edition of S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting! In today’s post we will be covering the T in SMART! The Timely part of your goal!

When we say timely we are talking about the deadline portion of your goal. Remember to make your deadlines realistic and flexible, that way you can keep your spirits up as it approaches.

For example, keeping with the partnership goal of most streamers, your deadline may be to make partner within 1 year. Now this is a make-able goal, if you put the time, money and effort into it. This is also a realistic goal, as 1 year should be enough time to meet your mini-goals, and in the end your end goal.

Now with keeping this goal flexible, life does happen, you may have to adjust this to a little further. Which is fine, that is why you keep this end goal flexible.

If you were to be stringent with this goal you may find yourself panicking as your deadline approaches. However if you are constantly adjusting your goals as you go this deadline may move up, or move back.

I hope you enjoyed this S.M.A.R.T. Goal setting series.


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